The seventh National Security Conference: Utility of Air Power – New Alternatives


On Wednesday, May 25, 2011
Location: Israel Air Force House, Herzliya


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Conference Program


07:45 - Registration

08:30 - A Musical Interlude by students of Herzliya Conservatory of Music
  Formal Opening
  Brig. Gen (res.) Asaf Agmon, Head, Fisher institute

08:45 - Opening Lecture: The Importance of Discussing Operational and Strategic
  Alternatives in the Process of Strategy Consolidation

  Prof. Uzi Arad, Former National Security Advisor to the PM and NSC Chairman

09:25 - Conceptual Session (part I) - The Centrality of Different Dimensions in Acquiring Operational Dominance
  Chairman: Brig Gen (res.) Ephraim Segoli, Head, Center of Air Power and the Asymmetric Conflict,
  Fisher Institute

  The Air and Space Dimension
  Col. Prof. John Olsen, Deputy Commander, NATO HQ, Sarajevo
  The Ground Dimension
  Brig. Gen. Noam Tibon, Commander, Command and Staff College

10:40 - Break

11:10 - Conceptual Session (part II) - The Cyber Dimension
  Lt. Gen. (ret.) Robert J. Elder, RAND Adjunct Staff, USA

  The Communications Dimension
  Brig. Gen. (ret.) Ruth Yaron, C.E.O. LUDO LAB Group - strategic gaming and Former Head,
  IDF Media and Communications Division
  Conceptual Directions for Acquiring Intelligence Dominance in a Wide Terrain Cell
  Col (ret.) Benny Lowenstein, senior intelligence consultant, BIKS

12:50 - Lunch

13:50 - Issues and Dilemmas in Force Structuring (Part I)
  Chairman: Tal Inbar, Head, Center for Space and UAV, Fisher Institute
  Acquiring Stand-Off Dominance
  Col. (ret.) Ofer Haruvi, Military Division, IAI
  Technological Capabilities for Acquiring Intelligence Dominance
  Zvi Yavin, Head, ISR Systems Line, Rafael
  Tactical Holding of Terrain
  Ariel Zilberstein, Marketing and Business Development Manager, Elbit

15:20 - Break

15:50 - Issues and Dilemmas in Force Structuring (part II)
    5th Generation Aircraft – Shaping and Engaging in Disruptive Change

  Dr. Robin Laird, USA
  Holding Terrain: the Perception of the Maneuvering
  Col. Meir Finkel, Head of Concepts Branch, Land Arm HQ, IDF

17:00 - Keynote Speaker
  General T. Michael Moseley, former Chief of Air Staff, USAF

17:40 - Annual address by the IAF Commander
  Maj. Gen. Ido Nechushtan

18:20 - Closing Remarks
  Maj. Gen. (ret.) Herzle Bodinger, Chairman, Fisher Institute





Date 25/05/2011 07:45 18:30
Location Israel Air Force House, Herzliya
Organizer Brig. Gen. (Ret.) Ephraim Segoli , Mrs. Shany Niv Palmon
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